Saturday, 10 June 2017

What determines which universe you're going to experience?

1) Munchhausen's trilemma: Nothing can be proven unconditionally (as far as we know).

2) There is at least one consciousness that experiences things change at a finite rate (mine). It's probable that others exist as well.

3) Quantum mechanics is incomplete, because experimental results are best predicted by probabilistic models and probability is related to incomplete information.

4) General relativity implies that space and time are not independent of each other, fundamental or independent of mass-energy or in general information and events related to them.

5) Entropy grows with time.

6) Science cannot explain why the cosmos exists, only how the observable universe evolves. It tells us what future bets are justified based on the past. This is likely the best anyone can ever hope to do.

7) Purpose of postulates is to add to the predictive power of our existing models of reality. Supernatural is not a useful postulate as it does not make predictions that could be tested. Supernatural is not nonsense because it's probably false, it's nonsense because the postulate cannot be justified.

8) Fine-tuning of the observable universe either doesn't exist or the cosmos is infinitely complex and we must by necessity find ourselves somewhere within such set.

9) The observable universe probably hasn't always existed. The cosmos probably has, to the extent that it even has time. The origin of the observable universe is likely atemporal and thus talk of a cause is likely nonsense.

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