Monday, 9 April 2018

The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.

...according to Marx.

A laser (red) is fired from the center location of here and now. According to Penrose diagram, which compresses spatial and temporal distance so that edges of this diagram represent infinity, and retains the 45 degree angle for light regardless of spacetime curvature, we ought to see that the time it takes for light reflected from a mirror close to the event horizon approaches infinity as the mirror gets closer and closer to the event horizon.

Four shades of gray random dithering, four shade Floyd-Steinberg and
the original 256 shade image.

FS dithering with 2 bits per color (RGB have 4 different values) with
total of 64 different colors and original 16 777 216 color image.

M = 4;
pixel = imread('david.png');
figure; image(pixel);
colormap(gray(256)); truesize;
pixel = (M-1)*double(pixel)/255;

[Y X] = size(pixel);
for y = 1+1:Y-1
  for x = 1+1:X-1
    oldpixel = pixel(y, x);
    newpixel = round(oldpixel);
    pixel(y, x) = newpixel;
    quant_error = oldpixel - newpixel;
    pixel(y, x+1) = pixel(y, x+1) + quant_error*7/16;
    pixel(y+1, x-1) = pixel(y+1, x-1) + quant_error*3/16;
    pixel(y+1, x) = pixel(y+1, x) + quant_error*5/16;
    pixel(y+1, x+1) = pixel(y+1, x+1) + quant_error*1/16;


What is the purpose of life? explore and have fun forever?

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